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The non profit organization EJ CANCER PHARMA was formed to help disadvantaged people who don’t have health insurance or money to pay for the hospital bills to treat the deadly disease cancer. The medicine will be provided free of charge to the local health clinics of the city or/and county. Of course this doesn’t mean the treatment can not be used for privileged population as well. The remarkable food supplement that can effectively dissolve cancer cells upon ingestion without damaging the health of the body has been discovered in 2012. The original cancer treatment protocol was named “Trojan Horse Alkali Element Cancer Treatment Protocol”. The scientific origin of the name of the protocol came from noticing the fact that sugar has 22 hydrogen tentacles in its molecular structure.

Glucose is the fundamental food substance that cells can not grow or produce energy without it. By God’s primordial design of the cells and the living organisms, glucose has to be taken in by any living organism to survive. Cancer cells can not survive without taking in glucose in the blood stream of the body as well. As such, if there is a unique vehicle that can deliver toxic elements to kill the cancer cells, it must be glucose which is about a half of a sugar molecule. Here came the idea of replacing some of the 22 hydrogen tentacles in the sugar molecule with alkali element like sodium or potassium. Replacement of hydrogen in glucose with other alkali element is not difficult. Basically this can be achieved by boiling sugary substance with sodium hydrogen carbonate in water. As explained in detail in the protocol, this can be achieved by mixing two tea spoons of maple syrup and two tea spoons of baking soda mixed in two and half cups of water and boil it for 15 minutes.

This recipe is simple yet cumbersome for many people and the company EJ CANCEWR PHARMA is dedicated to manufacture the capsulated form of supplement for easy consumption. The hidden alkali element imbedded in glucose molecule becomes the solder hidden inside the wooden horse. This alkali element basically becomes the dissolving element like a detergent for the protein comprising the cancer cells. Therefore, it is more appropriate to call this mechanism as dissolving than killing cancer cells. The miraculous healing effect of this health supplement has been verified by numerous witnesses who used the protocol and defeat their cancer. The capsulated form of medicine will be available in the health supplement retail stores not too far in the future. The company needs donations from individuals and charity organizations to achieve this global mission.

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