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About Our Product

Refined carbohydrates digest so fast that they act like sugar, and cancer cells love sugar. They have about 15 times more receptor cells for capturing sugar than the normal cells. This means that in the presence of abundant sugar, cancer cells can grow 15 times faster than the normal cells. The following is the molecular structure of a single sugar molecule. Notice that there are two ring structures consist of glucose and fructose in a single sugar molecule.

Now it is reminded that the above sugar molecule is recognized by the cancer cells as nutrition to digest and consume it 15 times more than the normal cells do. We are trying to use this property of the cancer cell’s digestive mechanism to attack the cancer cells themselves.

After all, cancer cells are organic material that replicates itself according to the genetic instructions imprinted in the DNA. The general consensus on cancer treatment has almost come to the point that it will evade every possible method of treatment as if the cancer cells themselves have highly evolved brain functions. Of course, this can hardly be the truth.

Cancer cells are just following the living organism’s predictable way of replication.

This is the fundamental philosophical starting point of the Trojan Horse Protocol. Therefore, we believe that there must be a “well defined way” to stop the replication and eventually eliminate the cancer cells in the body because nothing can surpass our human brain.

The reason we call this method a “Trojan Horse Protocol” is because we give the cancer cells foods their irresistible appetite craving for, but, on the other hand, we give them something else attached to it slightly disguised like the soldiers inside the marvelous wooden Trojan horse.

We have to use the atomic elements that are very close to hydrogen (atoms in the first row of the periodic table) yet become toxic when consumed by the living organism. The suitable candidate for these elements can be either Na (sodium) or K (potassium). In fact, both of these chemicals are fundamental nutrition that our body needs.

While potassium and sodium themselves in quantities are not toxic to the body, their hydroxide forms have the caustic effect in such a way that they wash off the grease, fat, protein and other organic materials in the presence of a lot of water.

If we can attach a few NaOH (sodium hydroxide) or KOH (potassium hydroxide) atoms to the hydrogen and oxygen end of the sugar molecules, as a byproduct of digestion by the cancer cells, NaOH molecule will be produced inside the cancer cell. As we know, this NaOH molecule is a strong detergent that washes off grease and dirt when water is supplied with it. Effectively, the digestive byproduct of Na atoms attached to sugar dissolve the cancer cells by making them washable substances. We will present the detailed method to make a safe level of NaOH attached sugar molecule by the method of boiling in the solution.

Here, instead of using the concept of killing the cancer cells, we prefer to use the term washing off because it is much more appropriate in terms of the biological processes happening inside the cells. Of course, washing off can not happen without first detaching the cancer cells from the other healthy part of the body. But it looks like the both processes happen almost simultaneously.

The key advantage of this protocol is in the fact that the slightly modified sugar is used for food for the cancer cells and the digestive process eventually kills and washes off the dead cancer cells from the body. Therefore it is self explanatory to call this method “Trojan Horse Protocol”.

In this protocol, cancer cells have 15 times more chance to be killed by the slightly modified sugar molecules than the normal cells. This means that this protocol can cause minimal damage to the healthy cells if any. In fact Na (sodium) atom is in the same family of the periodic table as hydrogen so the Na (sodium) atom attached to sugar molecule doesn’t have to be seen radically different from the molecular view point of the cancer cells so that the cancer cells readily absorb the Na (sodium) attached sugar molecules without rejection which ultimately cause the destruction of the cancer cell itself. Normal cells are constantly regenerated by the natural body growth functions so that even if some of the normal cells maybe killed by this modified sugar molecules, the overall regeneration mechanism will supplement the loss. On the other hand, this may enhance the cleaning up process of the dead cells and the refreshment of the inside body with new cells.

The tested effect was dramatic. In three days after consuming the liquid form of the water dissolved modified sugar molecule drink in 6 ounce of glass for three times, most of the metastases symptoms of the lung cancer have disappeared.

There was no visible side effect observed in the healing process except digestive problem which can be remedied by taking probiotic acidophilus pills whenever necessary.

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